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In every movie have some elements are there.There are many things to appreciate in a movie and the more you learn about moviemaking and art in general the moral you will ab able. Here we want to make a good movie to fallow some rules and the elemants of the movie.

  • Character
  • Plot
  • Conflict
  • Resolution
  • Structure
  • Scenes
  • Dialogue
  • Visual

Purpose of a movie

The main purpose of the movie easily to understand the peoples.Determining the purpose or purposes behind a film can be trickier but it is equally vital in interpreting the films historical role. The main to keep the different different character are in the movie .The primary purpose behind most commercial films of course was to make a profit and any film that wanted to attract and keep an audience had to be appealing and entertaining.It is the main purpose of the movie.

Importance of a movie

Film encourage ideas and social commemtary within communities. The main importance of the cinema people are to know the present generation the peoples are how to face the upcomming the problems. They have the power to express a cultures ideals and shapes them. Art especially film is important because it gives us the ability to form lasting human connections through by letting us share our experience with each other.

How does movie affect society

In the movies are arrect the society .The aim of that is to affect the viewer and to send a message and so many individuals change their ideals and beliefs because of what they see in films so many people see movies every day and the film industry is so big and influential.However movies can affect society in both positive and negative ways.

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