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Horror Movies?

what is meant by horror movie? A horror movies is a movie that seeks to fear for entertainment purposes. Horror moviesoften aim to evoke viewer’s nightmares fears revulsions and herror of the in this movies are very thrilling the fear of the movie. A film with a frightening story line and atmosphere.In horror movies are […]

Elements of the Movie?

In every movie have some elements are there.There are many things to appreciate in a movie and the more you learn about moviemaking and art in general the moral you will ab able. Here we want to make a good movie to fallow some rules and the elemants of the movie. Character Plot Conflict Resolution […]

What is a Movie?

Movies also known as films, type of visual communication which uses moving pictures and sounds tell stories or teach peoples something.Recording of moving images that tells a story and that people watch on a screen or telivision motion picture watched a movie about the civil war an action movie. Film Genres Action films Comedies Romantic […]